Turn your web package into a tailor made solution with extras. We have listed some ideas below. *Some extras not available with all packages

  • animated graphics - add some pizzazz to your page with animated banners and images
  • visibility options - include a switch on you pages to increase the size of the font
  • interactive location maps - show your customers your locations
  • advanced forms - get the info you need
  • web newsletters/Mailing lists - keep your customers up to date with your latest news
  • SEO - all our websites are internally optimised for Search Engine Readability, so talk to us about getting high rankings on your pages
  • sites for mobile devices - got sale reps or customers on the road? - your website can go mobile too!
  • copy writing, photography etc - if a picture is worth a thousand words, make sure they're all good words! Those photos taken on the instamatic in the backyard probably wont do!
  • Revamp- we'll take your tired old website and give it new life!

See something else you like or got an idea in mind? Talk to us about adding onto a package or your existing website.

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